You pick the location I'll help you plan the concept and the outfits. Lets make your perfect session dreams come true.

Whether you’re interested in family portraits, a maternity or newborn photoshoot — you have several options to choose from. We can plan a session in the comfort of your home, organize a fun trip, forest or anywhere outside. You can also opt to have your photos taken against a clear backdrop. Once we decide on the location, I’ll help you plan out the concept, the outfit and details. Below, check out more details about my services and price rates.


starting at $150

My Newborn sessions usually take place in the comfort of your home so you don't have to drag your entire family out in those first two weeks of your babies life! Included is up to 2 hours of shooting time, and an entire digital gallery


starting at $125

This session can take place anywhere that you desire! You let me know your vision and we'll make it happen. Included is 45-60 minutes of shooting time and an entire digital gallery

Smash cake / milestone

Starting at $125

Memories with your babies are the most precious thing and something to capture! This session can take place outdoors or on a backdrop. Included is 60 minutes of shooting and the whole digital gallery


Starting at $150

I have 3 different senior session options, you can go to my booking website to see the different types and what's included in them. Or head to the contact tab and lets chat!

Business branding


If your a small business owner this session is for you. We will take photos to show what YOU can do to serve your customers, and paint a picture of what is so special about your business.


We don’t feel very confident in front of the camera, is that ok?

Of course, no need to worry about that. Most people feel a bit anxious around the camera, and that’s completely normal. We’re not used to having a professional camera pointing at us all the time.

I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve that will help you and your family loosen up, feel relaxed and completely forget about the camera. You’ll be you, and I’ll be capturing your lovely family time.

How should we dress for our family session?

Depending on your session type and theme, we’ll discuss some ideas for outfits and colors. Generally I recommend not dressing up the entire family in the same type of clothes and colors as it doesn’t really compliment the end result, your photos.

How many pictures will we receive?

This depends on the type of session you’ve booked. Usually, you’ll receive an online gallery with somewhere between 100-300 photos, from which you’ll need to choose the amount set in your package. These will be fully retouched and delivered to you within 4 weeks.

What if our house isn’t very photogenic?

Your house is your home, that’s what makes it special and of sentimental value. Yet, if you feel more comfortable in picking an outdoor location, airnbnb or my studio - we can.

What’s the best time to have a session with a newborn?

If we’re talking about the sleepy newborn type of photos, the session needs to happen up to 3 weeks after birth. There are certain tips and tricks that can help you get ready for the session, which I will share with you in a detailed client guide, after you’ve booked your session and signed the contract.