About your photographer

Hello I'm Sarah Wilson, I'm a full time mom, fiance' and photographer. I have three beautiful kids, and they're the reason I started my business, to capture all of their important milestones. Shortly after picking up a camera (solely to capture the important milestones in my life) I realized photography is something I was truly passionate about and that's when I started my business. I  find joy in knowing the photos I capture will be loved and cherished for many years to come.

Life is precious and while our memories fade and get blurrier with time we will always have photos and family albums to remind us of all the lovely days that brought us joy and peace, and maybe even some chaos. I want to help you save those moments, because I know as much as we all wish we could freeze time, we can't.

Enough about me though, I can't wait to get to know YOU! Let's capture some memories that you will forever cherish, you can inquire about a session in my contact tab.

XOXO -Sarah